Now that StreamerPride Network has taken its first public steps, we are looking for our first slate of members!

As a network meant to support and uplift LGBT+ streamers from around the world, we are constantly looking for more LGBT+ siblings, from big to small, new to experienced, to join our ranks. Currently, StreamerPride Network consists of its 5 founders, and we aim to reveal our first line-up of new members around the middle of the year.

What Does Membership Offer You?

As a member, you will be invited with open arms into a warm, positive, affirmative community of like-minded people to network with and to grow and learn together. We care strongly about mutual support and encourage that through activities such as shout-outs, collaborations, events, and using twitch features like hosting and raiding. Our network is a safe place that helps you reach your potential alongside a fantastic group of people with the same goals.

What Do We Expect Of Members?

In potential members we look for people who are part of the LGBT+ community, show potential as streamers, we feel would fit into our existing community well, are willing to put in both the work to improve their own craft, and to support each other and the network. That means streaming regularly (we suggest with a regular schedule of at least 1-2 streams a week, but there are no hard rules) and contributing actively to the network and network events. We do not take your current following into account – one of our core aims is to help new and small streamers.

How Can You Apply?

If you think joining StreamerPride Network might be right for you, feel free to get in contact with any of our founders directly through social media, DM our official @streamerpride Twitter account, or get in contact through the Contact page of this site. We strongly suggest you join our Discord community before applying so we can get to know you, and to have an active Twitch profile we can refer to and watch some of your VODs and join some of your upcoming live streams, to see if we feel you’d be a fit for us.

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