StreamerPride Network Membership Guidelines

StreamerPride Network is excited to accept your membership application! These guidelines are provided to ensure we all adhere to the same principles to make SPN an inclusive, community-focused and safe space not only for our members but for our viewership and beyond. While we make our membership decisions according to the spirit of the guidelines or aims of the network and not the exact wording of the guidelines, breaking one can result in removal from StreamerPride Network.


  1. Bigotry, hate speech or incendiary speech directed at any individual or group of people in any space you may represent StreamerPride (such as Twitch, Twitter, etc.) is not tolerated.
  2. We will not police language or NSFW content, but as a reminder NSFW content is not allowed on Twitch.
  3. You agree to and accept the StreamerPride Network Discord Community Guidelines and should regularly check the discord to keep up with all relevant channels, mentions or discussions through official member channels.
  4. Do not disparage StreamerPride or any member in public (Twitch, Twitter, etc.). You do not need to be friends with everyone, but representing a united front will show the type of community we have created for LGBTQ+ individuals; inclusive, community-focused and a safe space for all.
  5. Publicly show your StreamerPride membership on social profiles and your Twitch overlay. We will provide you with what you need (graphics, text, etc.).
  6. All members will have an equal vote in all decisions, such as new members, planned events, or member expulsion. The administrative team may have veto power over some decisions or their full unanimous support may be needed, but the weight of each vote will be equal. The voting mechanims (weighted vs 2/3 majority) will vary depending on the decision being voted.
  7. Members should participate in all StreamerPride events designed to include the entire network, with exceptions if your schedule, or health, does not allow. We understand life happens!
  8. Support the network and its fellow members. Support can take various shapes – which are not required – such as:
    • Retweeting going live posts
    • Being present in each others‘ streams
    • Capturing clips
    • Gifting subs
    • Giving bits
    • Raiding each other
  9. Any questions about the network or applying for membership should be referred to the administrative team.
  10. These guidelines are subject to change at any time, and members will be informed upon any changes.