Hello, Friends!

Thank you very much for coming out in droves to support our recent Pride Month 2020 Fundraiser! Together, we raised $3,105 for LGBTQ Freedom Fund. Your generous support will make a tangible difference in LGBTQIA+ lives!

As part of the fundraiser, we had various stretch goals for special collaboration streams, and we reached EVERY SINGLE ONE. We’re ecstatic to share the preliminary schedule with you. Keep in mind this is subject to change as these dates approach.

Remember to follow our twitter feed at https://twitter.com/streamerpride for any potential changes and more information for each stream as they approach, as well as their exact times!

Sunday, July 26

Portal 2 Co-Op (feat. CaptainFel & Chemicollins)

Sunday, August 2

Dead by Daylight (feat. Cenric89, rac_kuhns, capnfoam, jygglypuffdaddy & hutchinsane_)

Sunday, August 9

Overwatch (feat. Cenric89, rac_kuhns, capnfoam, Chemicollins & CaptainFel, Commentary by JonattanJay)

Sunday, August 16

Ocarina of Time Randomizer (feat. Hutchinsane_ & rac_kuhns)

Sunday, August 23

Smite (feat. blizzb3ar, Cenric89 & capnfoam)

Sunday, August 30

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Co-Op (CaptainFel & jygglypuffdaddy)

Sunday, September 6

StreamerPride Dungeons & Dragons Campaign (feat. CaptainFel, Cenric89, rac_kuhns, capnfoam, KayteeKhaos & jygglypuffdaddy)

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