Captain, or Kevin, enjoys playing and streaming RPG and action-adventure video games. Escapism via engaging stories is what got him into gaming as a child and he loves sharing these stories with his viewers. His favourite part of streaming is the community and he is one of the co-founders of SPN. He is also a massive fantasy novel, D&D, and crafting nut. Kevin lives in San Francisco with his two husbands and their dog, Dakota.



Hutch streams pretty much whatever he currently likes, but he has a special connection to the “The Legend of Zelda” series. He started streaming as a way to find some structure, and found it can be quite fun! He’s currently a full-time student working on a Bachelor’s in Computing & IT. He’s one of the network’s co-founders and tries to help people with technology wherever he can. He currently lives with his family in Luxembourg, with their two cats, Pandora & Merlin.



André is a videogame streamer focusing primarily on J-RPGs, a genre he has adored since his parents bought him a Gameboy Color with Pokémon Gold as a child. He is one of the network’s co-founders and has made cultivating a welcoming experience to all a stated aim of his streams from the beginning. He tries to bring humour, filth, and occasionally the informative lense of his Japan Studies degree to his streams and the games he plays.



Kate lives in North Wales with her cat Geralt and has been a passionate gamer since the mid 80s when she first came into possession of a ZX Spectrum. Her game of choice is Elite Dangerous. When she’s not gaming or streaming she works for LGBT+ charity Diversity Role Models.



She/Her He/Him They/Them

AlinaInverse, or Alina/Lina, is an indigenous variety streamer from the Midwest who tends to lean the most towards RPGS or heavily story driven games. They try to use their channel to not only highlight smaller streamers but to be a safe space for everybody especially for mental illnesses. When they aren't streaming they love reading manga, collecting figures, watching horror movies and going on adventures.



Pokémon. Zelda. Animal Crossing. Smash Bros. Long ago the four video games lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Just Chatting attacked. Only Bean, master of all 4 games, could stop them. But when the world needed them most, they got ban hammered. Under the name Beanberrito, you can catch Berry, Bean, or Berrito on Twitter and Twitch. Although their gaming sense is great, they have a lot to learn before they're ready to pog.



Daniel/BoyBlueLondon is a Variety streamer. From central London and originally grew up in Essex. He was born into a large gaming family and his first
Memories was sitting on the floor with his older brother and dad playing the Atari 2600 when he was just 7 years old. Now as times gone on, he has a huge fondness of
Social gaming and can often be found sailing the seas or running from killers while at the same time enjoying some pretty cool retro titles. The streaming side of his life is something that he continues to build upon and grow within the LGBTQIA+ community showing support for other streamers and a place for people to come and hang out.



Emre (Em-ray) is a lover, child, mother, sinner, saint, AND a variety streamer with a somewhat larger focus on jRPGs and multiplayer games. He has been gaming since pre-school, social since birth, what better way to game and be social at the same than to stream? A big fan of laughs, flamboyant humour, and contemporary media, Emre enjoys peppering his streams with small talk - just like in his lessons, a warm atmosphere is always the mood. Stop by for the games, stay for the fun!


They/Them He/Him

DionysianFire or Dion streams a variety of TTRPG (table top roleplaying games), community/ twitch interactive showdowns between streamer and audience, and makeup looks that even slay the gods themselves! They've loved playing video games ever since they found their first one Pokémon Blue out and about! Since then they've grown more and more enthralled by the many different aspects of gaming including the wonderful people around the community! Dion cultivates and strives for better community outreach, the inclusion of more diverse minority groups, and the growth of healthy and safe communities! Dion brings the punches, the tears, and the merriest of merry making this side of the internet has ever seen and they want you in the party next!


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iKEXPASTEL is a variety streamer that is usually playing survival, simulation, or FPS games. iKE has spent countless hours playing video games since he was a child and is not afraid to jump on what's new! He is also a passionate musician (singer/producer) and Brand Specialist during the daytime. iKe also enjoys giving back to the community, vowing to help others at all times if he is able. Join iKE in a super chill safe space full of goofy humor, fun dance moments, smooth music, and casual gameplay!



Julian Felix is a variety streamer in every sense of the word. When he isn’t jumping between story games, RPGs, and engaging viewers, he is streaming live from his backyard teaching others about the joy of gardening. Julian focuses his attention on the story and lore of the game with fantasy or sci-fi leanings, with a splash of Nintendo magic. When he is not streaming, he enjoys spending time with his two partners and their dog, Potato in San Francisco, CA.


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Jupytr or Mateo is a variety streamer with emphasis on story-driven video games.
He first fell in love with video games with a borrowed copy of Pokemon Blue, in which he spent over 100 hours as a child trying to catch every single Pokemon. He has a passion for the power of story-telling and building a community of individuals who feel safe to be their most honest versions of themselves. According to Spotify data, he spent 15% of his year listening to music so feel free to share any and all music recommendations because he tends to spend an UNHEALTHY amount of time scouring the internet for new music.



Richard is a game designer and bodybuilder based on the west coast of the USA. He played and made all sorts of games as a child and continues this passion into his adulthood. He likes delicious food, electronic dance music, and long walks on the beach. Catch him on stream slowly getting through his immense backlog of weird indie games, discussing game design, and talking fitness and queer issues.



As a long time activist and volunteer in the LGBTQ+ community, Zack, or Zed as most folks call him, is dedicated to creating safe and inclusive communities for all LGBTQ+ identities. In addition to being a huge fan of classic Italian horror movies, he's also a passionate UX designer and design mentor, currently working at a large game studio. Zack prides himself on creating a community that is warm, welcoming and judgement-free. While he is mostly found playing classic 90s adventure games, the conversation moves fluidly through a variety of topics with healthy doses of dad jokes and innuendo.