It’s been a long journey, but here we are. Today, we proudly announce StreamerPride Network!

This all-new LGBT+ streamer group is our baby, and we have big plans for it. We are today launching with a core group of 5 founding members, but are already on the hunt for and in preliminary talks with potential future members.

The aim of our network is simple:

StreamerPride.Network is a group of LGBTQ+ streamers from around the world. We aim to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment where we learn, grow, and connect. We stand together in pride and welcome all parts of the rainbow. We provide a network of mutual support and bring opportunities for growth, learning, and friendship to new and established streamers alike.

Going forward, we will exist as a support network for LGBTQ+ streamers to safely collaborate and find community, and will begin providing resources for streamers as well as planning network events such as fundraisers for relevant charities. Stay tuned for more information on here and through our social media profiles soon

If you want to be part of this new, exciting endevour with us, you can join the official StreamerPride Discord server, and if you think you might be a good fit as a member of the Network itself, you may find more info here.

Our first event is a celebratory 10 hour series of live streams showcasing all our founding members one by one, to be held TOMORROW, Saturday, May 30, at 10:00 UTC

10AM – 12PM: CaptainFel

12PM – 2PM: KayteeKhaos

2PM – 4PM: WillFletchUK

4PM – 6PM:  jygglypuffdaddy

6PM – 8PM: hutchinsane_

These streams will happen on each streamer’s personal twitch profiles, refer to the timetable above for more details, and will lead directly into each other. Each streamer will be giving you a hint of what you can usually expect on their channels – a great way to meet our founders!

We hope to take you along on this journey with us. Let’s support each other, and thrive together as the beautiful rainbow we are!

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