StreamerPride Network FAQ

What is StreamerPride?

StreamerPride Network is a group of LGBTQ+ streamers aiming to create a safe space for mutual support and growth in the often unwelcoming gaming and streaming space. We are worldwide and intersectional, and aim to support LGBTQ+ streamers both new and established in a variety of ways.


Who is StreamerPride?

StreamerPride Network is organised as a core group of official members, which you can find listed on our Members page, and the wider community surrounding them on our Discord server, in our streams, and on social media. We regularly add more members and invite applications from LGBTQ+ streamers at all times.


What kinds of activities does StreamerPride do?

StreamerPride Network is primarily organised as a public Discord server anyone, regardless of membership, may join, where LGBTQ+ streamers and their supporters can associate, support each other, and learn together in a safe space. We regularly hold events such as fundraisers benefiting causes relevant to the LGBTQ+ community (most recently for LGBTQ Freedom Fund) and aim to be activists for the LGBTQ+ community in the gaming and streaming spaces. We leverage our power in numbers to support our members.


How can I apply?

You can apply using our Application Form on this website at any time! Please make sure to read this entire FAQ as well as our Membership Guidelines before you apply. We strongly suggest joining our Discord server and hanging out in the community there for a while so you get a sense for whether you‘d make a good fit.


What do you expect of applicants?

There are few hard rules to apply, all we ask is that you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community and that streaming on Twitch is a regular, consistent part of your life. As a member, you will be expected to follow our Membership Guidelines, to take part in official StreamerPride activities, to actively support the network and its fellow members, to be active on our Discord server, and to show your membership publicly on your Twitch and social media profiles.


How are applications reviewed?

Applications are pre-screened by our administrative team and then put to an internal vote for the entire StreamerPride membership if we find somebody seems like a good fit. We do not generally take the size of your Twitch following into account, but make our judgement based on whether we feel you as a person would make a good addition to our network and the potential for growth and enthusiasm for streaming and for becoming a member of our network we see in you. We aim to add new members in small regular batches to ensure we can give every new member the attention they deserve and turn it into a little celebration every time.


Can I get involved if I am not a member?

You absolutely can! Our Discord is public and open to LGBTQ+ people and allies alike, and you can support the network and its members by signal boosting us on social media (e.g. retweeting posts from our official twitter account) and by watching our members‘ streams on Twitch.


How do I get in contact

If you have questions about the network, you can join our Discord server, DM the official StreamerPride twitter account, get in contact with any of our members directly on their various social media accounts, or email us at [email protected].

We ask that press inquiries and any communication regarding potential partnerships or collaborations be sent by email to [email protected].